Wouldn’t it feel good to have the energy to accomplish your life ambitions?

Hi! I’m Deborah Hamlin, a registered dietitian and wellness coach. I am here to take you on a transformational journey that leaves you feeling happy, healthy, and accomplished. Together, we will explore your four sources of energy – breath, food, rest, and movement and how you can use these energy sources to do more of what is meaningful to you.

This energy journey is for you if you feel you are struggling with low energy levels that you believe are in part due to your current lifestyle. It is also for you if you have diagnosed with pre-diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, PCOS, or have repeatedly dieted in the past. During the energy journey, we ditch diets and instead evolve into Intuitive Eaters, where you decide what best nourishes your energy levels, not a “diet.”

Here to help you, help you to energize your life

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Meet Deborah Hamlin MS, RDN, LD

Hi, I’m Coach Deb!

I enjoy conducting lots of cooking experiments, going to exercise classes, walking my dog, and sewing.

I despise the word “diet” and all the “food rules” that exist in our society. In my opinion, eating should be enjoyable and not complicated.

I love, love, love chocolate. It fuels my body daily.

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