Diets and Coach Deb Don’t Mix

Diets and Coach Deb Don’t Mix

I am a frustrated dietitian at this point, as more and more food continues to be villainized. Daily, I hear my friends saying; I’m cutting sugar out of my diet because it is processed, I’m not eating carbohydrates because they cause Alzheimer’s, I’m not eating carrots because they are high in sugar, I’m not eating bread or potatoes because they make me gain weight,  and the list goes on.

My question is, why is restricting and villainizing food so enticing to people?


Science clearly shows us that whenever people place any sort of restriction on anything, whether it be food or not, they become obsessed with thinking about the thing that they are restricting. Just think about it- think about the last time you told yourself you were not going to buy any more clothes for a while. What happened? Did you immediately see something that caught your eye, and you couldn’t help but buy it? Did you start searching through your closet and start thinking you just had nothing to wear anymore? Did you start thinking more about clothes than you ever have in the past? The same thing happens with food. Anything you put on a no, no list quickly becomes an obsession. For some people, they can avoid that food for a short time, but that avoidance does not usually last forever; our willpower eventually wears out. Unfortunately, once that forbidden food is eaten again, you often become obsessed with it and eat way too much. It is too hard for us to avoid our favorite foods over the long haul, which is a huge reason why diets don’t work. Yes, you may lose weight temporarily, but the greatest majority of people regain the lost weight plus more. It is a sad fact, but very true.

I do not want you to be a victim of our culture’s obsession with villainizing food and diets. The truth is, there is no perfect “diet” or nutrient profile. There is only one perfect “diet,” and that is the one that you figure out for yourself by learning how to listen to your body. By listening to your body, you will discover what food, in what combination, and when to eat,  is best for you. No longer will you have people telling you what to eat and how to eat it, you will be in charge! You will be free from the food police and the diet industry. As you learn how to utilize food in a way that complements your unique body, your energy level will skyrocket, and your ability to achieve what is most important to you will amaze you.

Please say goodbye to the diet book writers, weight boards on Pinterest, social media sites that promote a healthy lifestyle, and the food trends like keto, clean eating, intermittent fasting, and veganism as a weight-loss tool. Instead, learn to listen to your own special body for expert advice. No one knows what is best for you, but YOU!

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