Organizational Wellness

Organizational Wellness

Introduction to Energy Management

During a one-hour session, I engage with employees to introduce them to the concept of energy management and a fully engaged lifestyle. During the session, I create an opportunity for each employee to create an individual plan for themselves on steps that they can take to improve their level of energy.

Corporate Energy Experience Training

During a 60-minute session, I allow attendees to experience how they can use breath, nutrition and rest to increase their energy levels throughout the day to become more focused and energized to accomplish what is most important to them.

On-Site 1-day Training and Learning Session for Energy Management

This workshop will not only produce high performing employees; it will also help increase the number of employees that are fully engaged within the organization.

During this one-day hands-on training and learning session, employees will participate in activities that increase their energy levels. They will leave the session with an individualized plan that they have created for themselves throughout the day that they can follow to help them move towards living a life of productivity, health, and happiness.